Class Location: Fifty1Fifty Tactical, LLC Conference Room

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*Please include your (First, Middle, Last) name as it reads on your driver's license. This will help us get your certificate printed out right the first time! Thank you in advance.

Sign up for our Oregon Concealed Handgun Class today! Our class is taught by a certified NRA instructor.

Instructor Qualifications:

  • Retired Police Officer
  • Retired Police Range Officer
  • Firearms Instructor Oregon Police Academy
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • Firearms Instructor for the Dallas Police Department

Oregon Concealed Handgun License Instruction:

  • Handgun Safety
  • Different Types of Pistols
  • Basics of Handgun Shooting
  • Back Stop (Down Range)
  • NRA Safety Rules
  • Why Carry a Concealed Weapon
  • When & When Not to Shoot
  • How to Carry Concealed Properly
  • Types of Holsters
  • Legalities of Shooting
  • Legality of Carrying a Handgun
  • How to Load & Unload a Handgun
  • Types of Bullet Calibers
  • Front Sight, Rear Sights & Sight Picture
  • Proper Shooting Stance & Balance
  • Your Gun is Not Your Only Salvation
  • Your Gun Around Your Children
  • Properly Storing & Securing Your Handgun

Completion of class does not guarantee that you will receive your Concealed Handgun License. You must pass a background investigation and fill out the necessary application with your County Sheriffs Office. The Sheriffs Office gives approval of the application. Application fees may apply.

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