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Due to measure 114 going into effect on December 8th, special orders including firearms and magazines that have more than 10 rounds, will be cancelled for Oregon residents. All other orders will go through normally. Also, Oregon residents ordering firearms, there is a chance that you will need a permit to purchase if you go in the FICS line. The "Permit-to-Purchase" starts in the beginning of January. If you do not possess an Oregon CHL, there is a good chance you will go in the FICS queue which currently sits around 38,000 people (~8000 for CHL holders). This line will take months for Oregon State Police to completely work through. We will try everything we can to stay afloat in the hopes that this measure 114 gets squashed down by a higher court. Thank you again for your business! Please call if you have any questions. 855-445-5150 Click here to read about the judges ruling Tactical, LLC