*Location: Fifty1Fifty Tactical, LLC Conference Room.*

Select the class date and time that fit your schedule.

Sign up for our Concealed Firearm Permit Class today! Our class is taught by a certified NRA instructor.

  • Upon completion of the class, you will have everything you need prepared for you in an envelope ready to drop in the mail!
  • This class also satisfies Oregon Handgun Training requirements. Certificate available upon request.
  • Bring a snack and something to drink.
  • Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Class Instruction:

    • Handgun Safety
    • Different Types of Pistols
    • Basics of Handgun Shooting
    • Back Stop (Down Range)
    • NRA Safety Rules
    • Why Carry a Concealed Weapon
    • When & When Not to Shoot
    • How to Carry Concealed Properly
    • Types of Holsters
    • Legalities of Shooting
    • Legality of Carrying a Handgun
    • How to Load & Unload a Handgun
    • Types of Bullet Calibers
    • Front Sight, Rear Sights & Sight Picture
    • Proper Shooting Stance & Balance
    • Your Gun is Not Your Only Salvation
    • Your Gun Around Your Children
    • Properly Storing & Securing Your Handgun

    Completion of class does not guarantee that you will receive your Utah Concealed Firearm Permit. You must pass a background investigation and fill out the necessary application with your County Sheriffs Office. The Sheriffs Office gives approval of the application. Application fees may apply.

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